Bio-Mass and CHP Flues

Bio-mass boilers over recent years have become more and more popular, due to various energy conservation measures from the government, individual clients having high energy morals and the global effort to reduce CO2 emissions.

Here are RUNG we can provide all aspects and advice in this type of flue installation, this can involve special type sealed draught stabilisers, flue sizing calculations and very large and important issue to these systems is the CAAM (Clean Air Act Memorandum) calculations, which determine the termination height of the required flue system.   We can offer advice in all of these areas.

Some more specialist areas of bio-mass boilers can be the acoustics, which here at RUNG we are happy to explore the use of Attenuation products to meet the required clients “Noise Rating”.

CHP systems have also gained a lot of ground, becoming more and more present in all buildings be it commercial of industrial. RUNG can offer the same services to our clients in CHP systems as that we can offer in our Bio-mass installations.